My Mountain


(Taken from my previous blog)

From the bottom to the top, from the canyon to the face, my mountain is mine, and in my heart has a place.   My Mountain stands tall, just the way I like, up there so high, I can’t wait to hike. My mountain is jagged, and has weathered many storms, though some are rough, I love all its forms.  My mountain has been burned but it never crumbles, instead it cleanses, and remains so humble.  My mountain is home to many animals around, and a plethora of plants, to it are bound.  My mountain is laced with many rivers and streams, replenishing the earth and everyone it seems.  My mountain is peppered and dotted with lakes, some are big, some are small, but none of them fake.  My mountain is capped with pure, white snow, feeding the rivers and lakes down below.  My mountain is strong and this valley protects, from multiple storms standing high, so elect.  My mountain can be cold, but with the right gear, warmth can be found with no reason to fear.  My mountain has secrets, some I have found, others not yet, but surely I’m bound.  My mountain lets me trod all over its tracks, and never complains only smiles right back.  My mountain waits for me to get to the top, and when I am there, I sit and I stop.  My mountain shares with me a spectacular view, a view I wish I could share with you.  My mountain is not perfect, but I have discovered, its beauty and grace with much more to uncover.  From the bottom to the top, my mountain I have climbed, my mountain is mine because I’ve given it my time.  

From the bottom to the top, from the heart to the face, we are all mountains, in our own special case.  I am not very tall and that’s quite okay, I’m just the right size in my own special way.  I am quite jagged, and I’ve seen many storms, but they’ve made me who I am, in all ways, shapes and forms.  I have sadly been burned but I try not to crumble, I learn from the bad and try to stay humble.  I keep inside a home for those I love, and pray for them always to God above.  I have tears that turn to rivers, though sometimes just streams, but I let them flow and I eventually beam. I’ve been blessed with lakes of experiences and skills, to help those around me and bring them some thrills.  I have been capped with a hardworking mind, to feed the desires that my heart may find.  I am not always strong but I put forth effort, to protect those I love from ever getting hurt.    I am sometimes cold, of which I’m not proud, but with the right smile, my snow can be plowed.  I hold others up, let them walk all around, and never complain, for to Christ I am bound.  I wait for someone to get to the top, but most of the time people just stop.  I have access to a beautiful view, through my eyes only, but I can share with you.  I am nowhere near perfect but deep down inside, I am a good person with nothing to hide.  From the bottom to the top, this mountain you can climb, I’ll surely be yours if you’ll give me some time.  


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