The Best Kind of Sunshine

The worst kind of storm is the one that follows a beautiful, sunny day.  Had it been rainy and cloudy already then the dreariness would be routine; normal even.  But because only just yesterday you could feel the warmth of the sun soak into your skin and the light-hearted feeling of the baby blue sky soak into your soul, the storm feels more intense than it would have, had it come another day.  The rain feels wetter than usual and seems to saturate your clothes, skin and hair, seeping its way into your very core, drowning your soul that was so care-free yesterday.  The darkness of the clouds seem to shield more than just the sun.  They appear to dim the light to your soul and block any glimmer of hope and joy.  Though miles away, the crashes of the thunder feel as if they are in your own mind, shaking the contents of your skull.  The lightning bolts appear so high in voltage it is as if they strike your heart, electrocuting you; paralyzing you.  They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice but when these storms hit it is as if they are old addicts coming back for you, the drug they can’t help but desperately abuse.

Weathering these storms that seem to take everything away from you is the hardest thing we’ve been asked to do in this life.  Through the rain, the clouds, the thunder and the lightning we must try to remember that we were never promised that it wouldn’t be hard, only that it would be worth it.

Just as any drug supply eventually runs out, every storm eventually begins to fade.  The rains begin to fall lighter allowing your soul to catch a breath.  The clouds begin to break, making way for a glimmer of light.  The thunder is slowly dulled providing an avenue for you to hear again; to think again.  The voltage of the lightning is weakened making you aware and in control of your limbs again; of your heart again.  It is only after enduring these storms that we can experience the best kind of sunshine.

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