What’s the point of anything we go through in this life if we aren’t learning from it or using it to help others?  This is a place where I can write down the things I’ve learned throughout my various travels, studies, occupations, and activities, in hopes of sharing them with someone who can relate.

I am a young woman with a wandering soul.  I come from Montana originally but have lived in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, and Virginia which is where I currently live in pursuit of a new career path.  In addition to living in these states, I’ve visited nearly 30 others.  My wandering soul has also led me to spend a year living in Austria and has brought me to 15 other countries.

My appetite for travel and experiencing new things began at a young age when I would travel with my dad for his work.  I spend countless hours in the front seat of whichever vehicle was working at the time with a map in my hands and curiosity for where it would take me.

Many of my relocations and wanderings have been alone.  While I welcome the a travel partner when I can find, I don’t regret experiencing many of the things I have experienced alone.  Each one has taught me a very special lesson, ones I might not have learned if I’d had anyone but myself to rely on.  Each one has taught me about why it’s okay to be and independent woman.


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